True East

TRUE EAST is an episodic podcast produced by The Sound Lounge and narrated by Ralph Macchio. The series is based on the award-winning one acts of playwright Charles Messina.

A NY-based urban Twilight Zone set in Greenwich Village in the early 1980s, listeners are lead on a journey of interconnected characters and storylines all set in the same neighborhood. The series will also include the voices of other actors and celebrities, which will give TRUE EAST a style and a vividness that harkens back to the radio plays of yesteryear. Using the Greenwich Village of the ’80s as its canvas, the tales will be raw, authentic and humorous, drawing on the various cultures that co-existed there in those years: the Gangsters, the Gay Scene, the Downtown Art World, Muscians, and the Old Guard of Italian Americans who clung onto control of the streets. It was the crossroads of the world, a place of such unmatched diversity that if it did not exist you could not invent it.


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