Stomping Ground

Growing Up on the Streets of Greenwich Village

by Dom Perruccio, with Charles Messina

Dom and Charles grew up on the narrow, winding streets of Greenwich Village. To the outside world, it was a tree-lined bohemia for artists, non-conformists, and vagabonds. There was, however, another rarely seen and much darker side to this free-spirited Shangri-La. This new novel, based on true events, introduces its reader to a unique coming-of-age story. With the eclectic world of the Village as its backdrop, the narrative weaves a tale of delinquent youth and street violence, set against some of the most infamous events in NYC history: Stonewall, The Washington Square Riot, and Mafia hits. Moreover, the book shows the influence of gang culture and hoodlum mentality on a generation of youngsters who grew up honoring an antiquated code that could only lead them to despair, prison, or death. In the tradition of Clockers, The Wanderers, and Down These Mean Streets, Stomping Ground is an honest and often graphic look at a world you only thought you knew.

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My Father, My Don

Tony “Tony Nap” Napoli is the son of one of the most powerful and respected organized crime leaders of the modern era…  

His story is not only about the spellbinding dealings of the Napoli empire, but also—and equally important – the singularly cherished relationship he had with his father, his don. Tony Napoli’s rollercoaster account of family legend and organized crime followed by his turnaround focus on sobriety and civic contribution is a narrative of our time.

“A Powerfully absorbing saga of personal redemption!”
– Nicholas Pileggi, author of Goodfellas

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