3 From the Neighborhood

Collection of 3 One Act plays, each one is centered on people living in Greenwich Village, the place where author Messina was born and raised.

In THE NEIGHBORHOOD, Messina tells the true story of the events behind the Washington Square Park Riot of 1976.

DEWEY, PHUKUM & HOWE tells the tale of three workers stuck in a dead end, debt collecting job and their wanderlust for another life.

THE WRECK is the story of a neurotic man trying to cope with his hypochondria and the recent break up with his girlfriend.


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Three Plays

Collected here for the first time are three major short plays: “Fugazy,” “Klepto,” and “Merging.”

Both “Klepto” and “Merging” are winners in The Players’ Theater’s Shortened Attention Span Theater Festival in Greenwich Village.


Other Projects